Hand of Glory is a new type of gaming miniature with a very cool twist: each Hand of Glory figure and accessory is magnetized using tiny neodymium magnets. This means for the first time, you will be able to change your character on the fly.

Since everything in the Hand of Glory line is magnetized, your character can swap out weapons and items to use whatever your adventure calls for. Since all accessories work with all figures, you can easily customize your character’s loadout and pick up new items along your journey. You can level up your character, swap weapons with allies, and steal items from foes. Use Hand of Glory to tell your own story.


To achieve maximum modularity, Hand of Glory uses our proprietary magnet system. First, neodymium rare-earth magnets are installed into the figure’s arms. Then, magnetic steel plugs are installed into each accessory. This way, the polarity of the magnet does not matter, and the magnetism is just right: strong yet easy to swap while you play.

Hand of Glory kits include everything you need to build your arsenal. Each pewter figure includes a plastic 25mm base, and magnets to install into the arms. Each pewter accessory includes a steel plug to install into the hand (the direction of the magnet and steel plug does not matter during installation). Each shipment will also include a tool to help with installation. We worked very hard to ensure that the parts are accurate and very simple and fun to assemble. They require only a small amount of superglue (we recommend using superglue gel!). Figures and accessories are made from lead-free pewter (unpainted).


Hand of Glory is made to be universally modular, which means that ALL current and future weapons and items will work with ALL current and future figures, and that will ALWAYS be the case


The HoG team is Jason Bakutis and Matt Kroner. They are part of the team that created Fire & Bone, which has run several super-successful Kickstarter campaigns and sold thousands of tiny skulls to customers and prestigious museum stores all over the world. (You may notice a few F&B skulls in this collection!)

Jason is a former FX makeup artist and has many film credits to his name. He also has worked for many years as a professional sculptor, which he does both by hand and digitally. He designed and created all the creatures and miniatures for the infamous "Zelda's Adventure" in the 90s. He has tons of experience with casting and with many kinds of production and manufacturing. Jason also has a line of miniature horror dioramas called MicroFear.

Matt is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at the University of Cincinnati. He is an expert in designing products for manufacturing using rapid prototyping technologies like 3D printing, and he has used his skills as a designer in the toy industry.

Figure painting for website by Todd McNeal of Toad Painting

Product photography and videos by Annelise Jeske